Group Affiliated Program

GuideOne offers Group Affiliated Programs or Endorsed Programs designed to provide specialized, comprehensive insurance coverage for headquarters of religious organizations and their member institutions. 

*This program varies according to state specific laws.


Participants in the program receive:

  • A property coverage enhancement for each participating policy holder; providing an additional 25% of their total building and contents policy amounts, (up to $1,000,000) to use in case of an insured property loss
  • Headquarters are notified of any member coverage lapses. This gives the opportunity to intervene if necessary, and keep the insurance in place.
  • Each participating institution can determine it's own coverage and limits, with minimum requirements being established by the headquarters.
  • Each participating institution can receive its own policy
  • Each participating institution can be billed separately

This is a general description of the program.  There are many ways to personalize your affiliation benefits; from custom billing to overall program design.  

To find a solution for your organization, please contact us to schedule a review.