Ministry Risk Management Seminar with Legacy, CLA and GuideOne at God's Bible School and College


Ministering to the people laboring for the Kingdom is a vitally important part of our work at Legacy. One of the ways God has allowed us to come alongside ministries like yours is through "Consulting"

Consulting is where a member of our team spends one on one time with you, your staff, board of directors; anyone who is involved with the day to day operation of your ministry.  We’ll take the time to go over any questions about your policy. But beyond that, we'll discuss best practices for your organization going forward, and help you find ways to prevent claims and other incidents. 

This is NOT a service to purchase. 

We offer consulting as a free benefit to every ministry we partner with.  What you do is invaluable. Helping you operate safely and efficiently is how we give back and honor the work God is doing in your lives.

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