Your home, your garage, all of your personal property can be protected through our partner companies.  Our homeowner’s policy covers against fire, wind, lightning, theft, vandalism and much more. 

And you choose the deductible that works for you! 


With every Homeowner’s policy, you also receive personal liability protection.  Including not only you but the family members in your home:

  • Medical expenses for injuries in your home, regardless of fault
  • Damage to others’ property caused by family living in your home
  • Lawsuit expense coverage
  • Coverage for injuries caused by family members or pets living in the home

Additional coverage

Identity fraud and related expenses, valuables, assisted living for family members, personal injury, and trailers, boats, golf carts and other equipment. 


*This is a brief sampling of what’s included in many homeowner policies.  Please give us a call to learn more about how you can create your own protection plan.